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Meet the requirements of new CSRS 4200
  • Automated workflow ensures you are efficient while continuing to meet the new CSRS 4200 compilation engagement requirements.
  • Produce PDF of documentation for practice inspection.
Save time by having all your client data in one place
  • Save time and energy by maintaining all client working papers in one convenient location.
  • Upload trial balances, process journal entries, prepare financial statements, and the compilation engagement report.
Access your files online and work from anywhere
  • Log into Tilaus compilation engagement software from any computer with an internet connection
  • Collaborate on files with your team in real-time

Import trial balance

Upload the client's trial balance and map the accounts to the appropriate GIFI codes.

Document requirements

Obtain the CSRS 4200 required documentation in a systematic and efficient manner.

Compile financial information

Post journal entries and create financial statements.

Finalize engagement

Create financials and export the GIFI for your tax software.