Implement the new Canadian Compilation Engagement Standards with Confidence

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Do you perform compilation engagements? If you are a partner or staff in a firm, then ActionClass is for you! ActionClass is a 4-week intensive course (aka Bootcamp) where you will learn to implement and perform compilation engagements, connect you with an incredible network, and help you grow your firm and career. After completion of these sessions, you will have a fully documented implementation plan and at least one of your client files completed under CSRS 4200.


The time is now!  CSRS 4200 – Compilation Engagements is effective for periods ending on or after December 14, 2021.

What is ActionClass?

ActionClass is a 4-week online training focused on providing you with the key tools, strategies, and frameworks to ensure you and your firm are expertly implementing and performing compilation engagements.

Pre-recorded Videos

Pre-recorded videos will be made available each week to complete at your own pace.

Virtual Live Office Hours

Weekly live support calls will be used as a forum to ask your specific questions – either about the content presented or specific to your circumstances. These will take place over Zoom.

Network Building

You aren’t alone. You will have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded professionals going through similar struggles, challenges and successes.



Week 1 - Preparing for Implementation

Get ready to implement the new compilation engagement standards. Learn about which engagements apply and what needs to be done before the standards become effective. You will leave this session with a greater understanding of the engagements impacted, how to have meaningful discussions with your clients about the changes and the steps to take before the effective date.

Week 2 - Accepting and Continuing Client Engagements

Not all engagements will require a compilation engagement to be performed. Others will need to meet specified criteria in order to be accepted. Learn about the inquiries that you will need to make, how to document the requirements and whether the client can and, more importantly, should be accepted or continued.

Week 3 - Performing the Engagement

Although compilation engagements are still not providing assurance on accuracy or completeness, there are now required inquiries, including a knowledge of the business, that must be performed. Learn about the extent of work required and how to efficiently and effectively implement these new requirements.

Week 4 - Reporting and Communicating

Not only has the engagement itself changed but so has the reporting. Learn about the new report and the communications required with those charged with governance (and/or management).


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4-week course

8 verifiable CPD hours
Get 2 - One-on-one sessions for personalized feedback
$ 995 Per person

*Firm Pricing - Would you like to have this bootcamp delivered just to your firm?

We have heard you!  We now also offer customized programs delivered to the partners and staff of the same firm.  This allows staff to freely discuss potential areas of concern.

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