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CSRS 4200 – Compilation Engagements Webinar 

Get a high-level look at the requirements contained in CSRS 4200 – Compilation Engagements.


Note: This is a recording of a live Webinar from January 2022



Compilation Engagements Online Course

This course expands on the requirements and focuses on how to actually apply them using a case study.  Through a series of online videos, you can proceed through the course at your own pace. 



4 CPD Hours – $499

Compilation Engagements 


In addition to the online course, this provides assistance in working through one of your own engagements.  Complimented with weekly homework and one on one time with the instructor, you will leave with at least one completed engagement file.


6 CPD Hours – $995

" It was a great Bootcamp!  I'm pretty confident on what we need to do.  I'll definitely use it as a reference for certain parts like the basis of accounting note and how to answer the knowledge of the Client.  Thank you for creating it! "

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